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Don’t Try This At Home Alone

As much as you might enjoy reviewing your SRS flashcards, watching foreign movies, reading your foreign language books, or whatever you do to learn Chinese and/or Japanese (or any language for that matter), you can’t learn it all on your … Continue reading

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China: The New Economic Superpower

Most people have been hearing about China’s rise over the past few years with all the hundreds of books written on China and the Beijing Olympics bonanza. However, with all the uncertainty in the world economy today, many people are … Continue reading

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Language and Chinese Rap

I came across this really interesting video today about language in Chinese rap music. It shows how different rappers around China are using Mandarin (the common language), Cantonese, and other local dialects in their songs to appeal to different audiences. … Continue reading

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Where iTunes is not king: Learn with FREE Japanese music & Chinese music

If you’re serious about learning to speak your new language then get ready to throw out all your old English music and replace it with that of your language of study. All free, all the time! Who would have thought … Continue reading

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Jim Rogers: Asia is the ant. The U.S. is the grasshopper.

These days, Asia is like the ant and the United States and Europe are like the grasshopper. If you don’t save for a rainy day, you’ll be sorry. I know China has a savings rate of about 35% compared to … Continue reading

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