Learn Japanese and Chinese with FREE Dramas, Anime, and Movies

Everyone learning Japanese and Chinese should watch more cartoons and TV dramas! Normally I would never suggest that to anybody, since the first thing that comes to mind are pea-brain couch potatoes watching soaps, but we’re trying to learn some difficult languages here! Also, I’m talking about some quality programs. Some good Chinese & Japanese anime, movies, and dramas. You can find them all over the internet, but usually you have to pay a subscription fee to see them. I got tired of that a while ago and decided to find some free shows to watch. I scoured YouTube, the Piratebay and a lot of other places, but I was disappointed at the results I found. However, I eventually hit two goldmine sites full of TV shows, anime, and movies, and to my amazement it was all free!

The sites are DramaCrazy.net and AnimeCrazy.net

They’re packed full of TV series and movies and are updated daily with new video content. Watching TV is a great way to pick up a language especially when you’re not actually living in that country where its spoken.

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2 Responses to Learn Japanese and Chinese with FREE Dramas, Anime, and Movies

  1. farhadalishah says:

    I am Shah. I have grown a strong attachment to Chinese these days.
    How long can it go? That i don’t know but it COULD die out if you
    gals and guys don’t respond positively.
    I am MA Eng and dream about becoming an MA Chinese. I love
    travelling, blogging, learning mandarin etc. I can teach you
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    I hate lies. Cheating is No.1 crime in my book of morals and my
    school of ethics. A human being with cheat should not be called
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    Chinese is my favorite language. I love chinese songs. Chinese
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    Wishing you best of luck for now and always.
    IT IS SHAH…………………
    the chinese language lover and admirer.
    How can i say good bye in chinese??????

  2. Wow, that’s perfect! Finding RAW anime is not exactly that easy, not to mention finding Dramas. Thanks a LOT for listing these resources, I will check them out right now.

    Thanks for sharing! :D

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