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My Interview with Jim Rogers: “Prepare by learning Mandarin”

For my first interview, I wanted to introduce the legendary Jim Rogers and ask him his thoughts on learning Mandarin Chinese and what it was like to relocate his family all the way from New York to Singapore. He was … Continue reading

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南京!南京!City of Life and Death

“Nanjing! Nanjing!”, also known as “City of Life and Death”, is a new Chinese film by director Lu Chuan depicting the battle of Nanjing during the Second Sino-Japanese War. This battle is commonly referred to as “The Rape of Nanking” … Continue reading

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20 Things to Bring With You for China Study Abroad

This is a list of things I think are either necessary or very helpful to bring with you if you study abroad in China. I’ve learned to always pack light for a trip, so I’ve tried to stick to more … Continue reading

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China: The New Economic Superpower

Most people have been hearing about China’s rise over the past few years with all the hundreds of books written on China and the Beijing Olympics bonanza. However, with all the uncertainty in the world economy today, many people are … Continue reading

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Jim Rogers: Asia is the ant. The U.S. is the grasshopper.

These days, Asia is like the ant and the United States and Europe are like the grasshopper. If you don’t save for a rainy day, you’ll be sorry. I know China has a savings rate of about 35% compared to … Continue reading

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