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What is jibtv?

There’s now a new way to watch Japanese TV shows if you’re not in Japan. I recently heard about this thing called jibtv from TokyoCooney (check out his YouTube channel) and thought it would be a good thing to share. … Continue reading

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Learn Japanese and Chinese with FREE Dramas, Anime, and Movies

Everyone learning Japanese and Chinese should watch more cartoons and TV dramas! Normally I would never suggest that to anybody, since the first thing that comes to mind are pea-brain couch potatoes watching soaps, but we’re trying to learn some … Continue reading

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Learn How to Speak Chinese with ChinesePod

If you’re trying to learn Chinese then I can’t stress enough how you should be using ChinesePod. Whenever someone first asks me how to learn Chinese I tell them to start there. I started learning Chinese with their podcast lessons … Continue reading

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How to Speak Japanese: Rikaichan and Kanji-lish

Here are two more great tools to help you learn Japanese. As long as you use Firefox as your internet browser, you will find these tools to be really handy and convenient. They’ll help you save time and create a … Continue reading

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