What is jibtv?

There’s now a new way to watch Japanese TV shows if you’re not in Japan. I recently heard about this thing called jibtv from TokyoCooney (check out his YouTube channel) and thought it would be a good thing to share. You can tune in to the jibtv streaming internet channel to watch a variety of Japanese programs. They have a pretty wide variety of shows that are educational and entertaining to watch. It’s not a huge budget channel, but their programs are worth watching if you’re trying to learn Japanese, want to hear news from Japan, or want to know more about Japan in general. I have to be honest though. Some o of their shows are cheesy!! But I think you’ll still enjoy it.

Here’s what jib says about it’s channel:

Japan has the world’s second-largest economy, so why does it have such low visibility on the world stage? And why should people around the world need to depend on American and European media for information on Japan? It’s clear that Japan needs to make a bigger effort to tell the world about itself. And the solution is a newly established company: Japan International Broadcasting Inc. (jib).

We at jib are offering round-the-clock English-language TV programming that informs the world about Japan and gives the benefits of a unique perspective on Asia. For up-to-the-minute content, we are drawing on Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK, which has news-gathering operations throughout Japan, in nearly every country in Asia, and elsewhere around the world. We are producing original content with global relevance. And we are broadcasting a uniquely appealing mix of programs in four-hour cycles that are optimally suited to time zones around the world.

With extensive cooperation from NHK and other Japanese broadcasters, Japan International Broadcasting Inc. is ready to dramatically step up the transmission of information from Japan to the rest of the world. We’re confident that our international broadcasting service will showcase Japan in an energetic new way.

It’s free, so go give it a try and let me know what you’re favorite programs are. I’m still trying to find more time to see them all.

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